Multi-Generational Apartments Supply Piece of Housing Puzzle
From Blight to Bright Future in Clinton, IN
A crowd gathered on a chilly winter morning taking time to share warm memories of days gone by, and of a building that hadn't fulfilled its purpose in some years- the local garment factory. No longer a functioning garment factory, the building sat empty for some time until the Little Italy Festival Town (L.I.F.T.) group decided to turn it into safe, affordable housing for area residents.
Monon Trail "Love Train" Mural
Lafayette Landing at Kessler Grand Opening
If you missed the Grand Opening of our new Senior Apartment Communities, check out these videos from the 24th of October.
New Hope for Residents Where Vacant Strip Mall Stood
"Lafayette Landing has given us the hope we desperately needed." says Juanita. "We are very happy to be here."