Mission and Values

The "we" is the key.

We create value through real estate. That's our mission at Herman & Kittle Properties, Inc. (HKP) and it's one that we believe can only be pursued as a team. Whether it's building a new apartment community, developing new storage technologies, providing ROI for investors or holding a community fundraiser- we do it as a team. Our ability to take a development from just a thought scribbled on paper to a physical reality that provides a valuable service can only be accomplished by leveraging the internal talents and expertise of our cross functional team. We are what make HKP strong and competitive.

At HKP, we hold three values dear: Culture, Community and Commitment. We call them "The 3 Cs" and we strive to make sure our work reflects these values. When taken individually, each "C" is important. Together, they are vital to the way we do our business.



As a team, we add value to the work we do in a competitive environment. Our employees seek to learn and gain new skills through coaching, professional development, and continuous improvement.







We define our community as the HKP family, customers, neighborhoods, and partners. We will have a positive effect on each community in which we work.







We set clear goals and objectives; then, we persevere. Regardless of the challenge, we face it together. This may mean working after hours, extensive negotiations, or creative solutions, but we see it through to the end.