FAQs are organized alphabetically by topic.


Q- I have applied with HKP in the past. Should I keep applying to different positions or do you have my application on file?
A- You should keep applying for the positions you are interested in. Because we have so many positions in so many states, we get hundreds of applications for each position. It's very difficult to try to sort through these and determine what an individual would be interested in AND qualified for.

Q- Are your positions left online until they are filled?
A- Yes, we leave our positions up until we have hired someone. Since our positions don't have a closing date, you can be assured that if it is online, we are still accepting applications for it.


Q- How do I bid on your construction projects?
A- We maintain a list of all of our upcoming projects and post it for interested subcontractors online in our Plan Room. You will need a login and password to access the Plan Room. Contact our Purchasing Department at purchasing@hermankittle.com to have a login and password assigned to you.

Q- I am already an existing vendor. How do I access your plans?
A- If you already have your login and password, you can access HKP's Plan Room here.


Q- I have land or an existing building you might be interested in, who should I contact?
A- You should start by visiting the development section to see what locations we are exploring and what our current requirements for land/existing buildings are. If you think you fit our needs, you should contact our development team. A list of our team, and the states they work in, can be found here.

Leasing an apartment

Q- I saw an article about a new community in my local paper and I am interested in living there. Who should I contact?
A- To learn more about the property, start at our Properties page. Here you can search based on property name or location. In this area you'll be able to find some basic information about the property, such as types of floor plans (ie. number of bedrooms) and some basic amenities. You can also find the name and contact information for the Regional Manager over that property. Our Regional Managers work with prospective residents while properties are still under construction.


Q- I am a member of the media and would like to contact HKP for a story. Who should I get in touch with?
A- Laurren Brown is our spokesperson. You can reach her at 317.663.6864 or lbrown@hermankittle.com


Q- I am with a non-profit organization and would like HKP to sponsor/support and upcoming event. Who should I contact?
A- Step 1: Plan in advance. All requests go to a volunteer committee, made up of employees, for approval. This committee meets before the 10th of each month, so please make sure your request is submitted in time for us to review it and respond to you prior to your event.

Step 2:
Consider your request with regards to HKP. Does it fit with our mission of creating value through real estate? Do we provide services or products that you need?

Step 3:
Submit a request on the organization's letterhead. Please make sure to include:

  • The date of the event, program or service
  • Purpose of the event, program or service
  • What you need from us (service, product, cash, expertise)
  • How your event, program or service fits our mission
  • A copy of your 501(c)3 status
  • Date you need decision by
  • Name, address, phone and email of a contact person

Step 4:
Send your request to:
hkpcares@hermankittle.com     or

HKP Cares
500 E. 96th Street, Suite 300
Indianapolis, IN 46240

Final Note- We are unable to give to:

  • Organizations without a 501(C)3 status
  • Individuals
  • Employee recognition events
  • Political organizations or lobbying groups
  • Pageants
  • Travel expenses for educational or extracurricular events


Q- I am a vendor and have a question submitting an invoice for payment. Who should I contact?
A- Our accounting team can help you with that. Contact: accountspayable@hermankittle.com