Construction and Design Services

An HKP Construction ProjectAs we relentlessly pursue the development and construction of quality properties, we engage our in-house design and construction team to provide the flexibility and control that is often needed in providing better products and services.


HKP has 70 years of building experience and has constructed properties in seven states as we continue to expand. We provide demolition, rehabilitation and new construction in both urban and suburban areas.


Our areas of experience in construction include:

  • Construction budget preparation
  • Infrastructure development
  • Underground/pond retention
  • Urban infill
  • Rural development
  • Self-storage facilities (steel and wood)
  • Wood piling foundation
  • Conventional foundation
  • Multi-story buildings
  • Breeze-ways & interior hallways
  • Single family homes & town homes
  • LEED/Green Enterprise certified construction
  • Fully accessible homes
  • Competitive bidding with electronic Planroom (link)
  • Centralized purchasing