Who We Are

HKP EmployeesDescribing the culture of a company with team members at over 125 different locations is not an easy thing to do! While each location certainly has its own flavor, there are certainly several qualities that are shared across the board. Most who know or work with HKP would agree that we are a fast-paced, hardworking group that sets goals and reaches them. Most of us here at HKP would tell you that we strive to support one another, that we aren't afraid to make changes for a better product and that there's no shortage of opportunities for those who want them.

What we hope everyone says about us is that when we become involved in a new property, we understand that we become a part of the property's larger community. We make a concerted effort to have a positive impact on our communities through our HKP Cares Committee
that is run by team members.

From an ambitious effort where we collected, packed and shipped 275 care packages to our overseas troops, to our massive "Love Train" mural located in Indianapolis- we have had a lot to be proud of over the years!

Company-Wide Outreach Efforts

HKP Cares coordinates activities like blood drives, food drives, as well as determining how to allocate monetary donations for community non-profit organizations.


Paid Volunteer Days

HKP generously provides 2 full days of paid volunteer time to each team member (one day for part-time team members). Each team member may use this day to volunteer at any 501c3 organization of their choosing. We hope to encourage one another to use their day with a group they are passionate about within our communities. Not only is it a great way to give back, it really allows us to step back and reflect on our place in the community.

Paid volunteer days also began in the Spring of 2011 and since then HKP team members have donated over 5,000 hours to community work! Our volunteers have spent time teaching adults to read, volunteering at schools, at libraries, animal shelters, sports competitions and more. We are inspired by our team member's dedication to making our communities a better place to work and live!

We are always looking for talented, dedicated and knowledgeable
professionals to join our team! Click here to visit our job openings page.